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Arts and Crafts

Because sometimes you just want a chair made out of a pipe-cleaner. ;) Via Best Chairs Design

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Fabulous Filing

Just because you’re working from a home office these days doesn’t mean you want your house to look like some soulless corporate headquarters. And what’s more depressing than having your cosy homestead invaded by a dull gray filing cabinet? Well,

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Get Stumped

Here’s a new twist on “green” furniture — instead of taking natural materials and turning them into usable goods, now we’re making trees out of polyester-fiberglass! Even though these stools are made from man made material, I think looking at

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Chair Fail

Have you ever tried to put together a chair and been faced with instructions that seem like another language? Or maybe the chair didn’t even come with instructions, and you’re left to figure it out on your own? That’s where

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Work from the Beach!

It’s Friday afternoon before a long weekend, and I bet all you can think about is vacation… sitting out on a beach, maybe, a cool breeze on your face, the salty smell of the ocean, your feet in the warm

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Hop-a-Long Chair

This chair looks like it’s about to hop right out of the picture! The “froog” chair gives off a definite Kermit-aura, with it’s bright green color and vaguely amphibious styling, but it also manages to look quite elegant and sophisticated.

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More Seating Zone Coupons!

Now Seating Zone customers have a brand new way to save! Check out our new coupon page, listing all the lastest coupon codes available on a wide range of chairs. This is a great new way for us to spotlight

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Voluptuous Chair

Okay, is it just me, or is there something slightly suggestive about the shape of the UP 5 and UP 6 armchair and ottoman by gaetano pesce? Well, either way, it does look quite welcoming. Via Chair Blog

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How to Use Your Office Chair

The Ergohuman mesh chair by Eurotech is our best-selling office chair — a snazzy design and ergonomic structure combine to make this the best all-around ergonomic chair for the money.   But it’s all very well to hear me talk

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Peacock Strut

The Peacock chair from Cappellini (designed by Studio Dror) really lives up to its name! I can imagine it strutting around your living room, as if it knows it’s the most glamorous of birds. And to think, such extravagant elegance

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