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Trials and Travails of Ecommerce

Well, it’s been an exciting couple of days here! ¬†As I mentioned earlier, we installed reviews on the SeatingZone website recently, but yesterday was our first big push: I was in charge of sending out an email to all our

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Walk/Don’t Walk Chair

Okay, this is too weird not to share. I suppose it’s like those kids you knew in college who decorated their dorm room walls with stolen street signs, or snagged a few traffic cones to strew artfully around the frat

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The Future of Ergonomics

My coworker here sent me another review of Peter Opsvik’s new book, “Rethinking Sitting“. ¬†Definitely worth a read if you’re interested in the study of ergonomics or just want to figure out what will be the best and most comfortable

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Candy Colored Chairs!

Someone ordered this adorable chair the other day and I just had to gush about it. The OSP-S111 “student chair” comes in a range of candy-shell colors (see orange and purple as well as the sour-apple green), plus it features

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The Growing Chair

Yet another “green” chair to add to the list: The Growing Chair, by Michel Bussein. I love the way artists and designers these days work to incorporate live elements into inanimate objects like chairs. In this one, the “natural element”

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Flower Chair

I love these fluffy, colorful chairs by Tokujin Yoshioka… It must be like curling up in a bouquet of carnations! I wonder if they smell as nice. For a similarly cozy experience (minus the gorgeous petals, unfortunately), try the comfy

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Reviews Go Live!

I’ve been helping out with a new project on that we’re finally ready to push live: user reviews by ratevoice! Now at last you can tell the whole world what you really think of your new office chair —

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Chair Voyeur

I was just drooling over the fab interior design spotlighted on Furniture Fashion, and I couldn’t help noticing that these chairs look a lot like our MDZ-1025s — a stylish choice for any home or office. This gorgeous San Francisco

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Corset Chair

The Seating Zone founders are away for the day at NeoCon, checking out a brave new world of chairs and determining which of these new designs we’ll be bringing to you over the next year. How exciting is that? Basically,

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The Art of Public Seating

What a fantastic design for public seating! This bench + lighting set up by Sebastien Wierinck is quirky, dramatic, practical, and infinitely modifiable to fit in almost any space. And if it looks slightly like a sea monster about to

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