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Yes it’s true, the blog is going on a brief hiatus, and so am I. I’ll be on the road for the month of August, but I’ll be back in the fall with more great deals and office chair tips.

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The Most Expensive Chair in the World?

This lucious “Dragons” Armchair (check out the vicious-looking heads on the arm rests) recently sold at auction for €21,905,000 ($28,238,277), making it the most expensive chair in the world! Why did it fetch that much? Perhaps because it was designed

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Mirra Image

If you’ve been lusting after the ergonomic (and aerodynamic) design of Herman Miller’s Mirra chair, but balked at the $900 price tag, check out this brand new, uber cool Modz design.  For under $400, Modz introduces a  completely new way

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Copy Cat!

The new iBum chair from Tonomy Sayuda is both hilarious and ingenius. Tired of having to clamber up on the copy machine to get a xeroxed image of your behind? This chair gets you the perfect “rear shot”, and all

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Kneeling Chair Tips

Yesterday I brought up the question of whether kneeling chairs are truly comfortable. Today I thought we could delve a little more deeply into the issue. Some people love kneeling chairs, and some people just hate them. But don’t just

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Are Kneeling Chairs Comfortable?

Are kneeling chairs comfortable? This is one of the most common questions we get here at SeatingZone, and the answer is… there is no simple answer. Kneeling chairs are great for some people. I’ve heard all kinds of testimonials from

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Best Seat in the House

Edward Hopper always manages to capture the loneliness and alienation of modern life, but here he also manages to illustrate some truly elegant theater seating. The lady in the picture may be isolated, but at least she has a cushy

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Black Rubber Chair

There’s something edgy, fetishistic, and positively creepy about this chair made from reused black plastic edge trimmings. Recycled materials often bring to mind boring design, but this definitely has a sensuous glamour about it, despite being a very simple chair.

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Stacking Rubber Bands

‘Tis the season for scrambling to get new supplies for the fall!  School will be back in session soon, of course, but even in the business world, life is going to start speeding up soon, with conferences and meetings and

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The Good, the Bad, and the Incredibly Ugly

If you ask me, there’s room for all kinds of chairs on this green earth, but some people are a little more… judgmental. The above chairs are both winners of the “Oops Design Award“, given by design/architecture expert Andrej Statskij

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