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50 years of chair design

If you happen to be anywhere near Hamburg, Germany, faithful readers of this blog might want to trot on over to Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg for their new exhibit. Opening today and running through March, “50 Years of

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HON office furniture: Extreme Makeover!

SeatingZone is an authorized HON dealer, and we’re very proud of that fact! What’s not to be proud of when they’re doing great deeds? In additional to making stylish and sturdy office furniture, the HON company recently teamed up with

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bale chair backs

The Autumnal Equinox is this week, and it’s already time for apple cider, pumpkins, and cool, clear nights – at least if you’re in New England, like we are here at SeatingZone. In honor of the harvestime spirit, here are

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DIY angle chair

Let me be frank: we run a business here. Since we want you to buy chairs (we do, although we want you to look at pretty designs too!), you might not think it’s in our best interest to feature Ana

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Ghost chair: the return

The previous author of this blog has written on the subject of ghost chairs before. But the Ghost Collection by DRIFT takes this concept more literally. As the designers themselves put it: We asked our self : can we make

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chair exam

My eyes have been hurting me lately. Optometrist told me not to wait two years to get an eye exam, but lo and behold, that’s exactly what I did. Being a SeatingZone employee, I really think this Modern Chair Eye

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