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risd spotlight: eric ritter

I’m pleased to feature another in our RISD grad series, furniture designer Eric Ritter. Based in Maine, his company initially specialized in custom furniture. He eventually became interested in ecologically-friendly methods of production, resulting in the Morphology series (like the

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happy thanksgiving (yet again)!

Here in the US, Thanksgiving is almost upon us! I can’t help but ponder potentially lovely ways to sit at the feasting table. One possibility lies in this, the Thoughtwood Chair by Rob Davies. The chair is durable, versatile, and

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toasty flex chair

With cozy winter weather soon to find its way to us in the northern hemisphere, wouldn’t it be lovely to keep your firewood close at hand? And I mean, really close at hand? The Flex by Italian design firm Ak47

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humanscale deal!

Want a gorgeous Humanscale chair of your very own, but think they’re out of your range? You’re in luck. Email or call us at SeatingZone for the lowest prices – guaranteed! Things are starting to look very affordable indeed.

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coming soon: lifeform chairs!

Doing a Google image search for the generic term “lifeform” comes up with some pretty scary pictures (mainly of hideous alien artefacts, both “real” and imagined), so I’m afraid I won’t be including them to liven up this post at

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Green your office chair!

The Alphabet of Seating returns… G is for…Green (photo by Marcelo Gutierrez) Your office – and the chairs you sit on – can have an impact on the environment. You know this, but what do you do about it? You

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HON office furniture: Extreme Makeover!

SeatingZone is an authorized HON dealer, and we’re very proud of that fact! What’s not to be proud of when they’re doing great deeds? In additional to making stylish and sturdy office furniture, the HON company recently teamed up with

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bale chair backs

The Autumnal Equinox is this week, and it’s already time for apple cider, pumpkins, and cool, clear nights – at least if you’re in New England, like we are here at SeatingZone. In honor of the harvestime spirit, here are

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DIY angle chair

Let me be frank: we run a business here. Since we want you to buy chairs (we do, although we want you to look at pretty designs too!), you might not think it’s in our best interest to feature Ana

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waiting room blues

There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable waiting room situation. Cramped quarters, bad lighting, guys with shrunken heads – what a nightmare! But there is nothing, not even in the afterlife, worse than sitting in an awful chair. That’s why SeatingZone

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