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hans wegner and papa bear

“The chair does not exist. The good chair is a task one is never completely done with.”   Hans Wegner (1914-2007) was one of the many iconic midcentury Scandinavian furniture designers. While he’s famous for a slew of chairs, probably

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toasty flex chair

With cozy winter weather soon to find its way to us in the northern hemisphere, wouldn’t it be lovely to keep your firewood close at hand? And I mean, really close at hand? The Flex by Italian design firm Ak47

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Breathing Chair

Ooooooooh, thanks to the folks at Crazy Junkyard for another cool chair concept! Known as the “breathing chair“, this cool foam cube relaxes into an arm chair when someone sits in it. According to the designer, Yu-Ying Wu, it was

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Strappy Stool

Seating Zone specializes in office, desk, and computer chairs, but you should know that’s not all we do! ¬†We also have an array of really fun bar stools, perfect for outfitting a kitchen, home bar, restaurant, or any office space

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Stacking Rubber Bands

‘Tis the season for scrambling to get new supplies for the fall! ¬†School will be back in session soon, of course, but even in the business world, life is going to start speeding up soon, with conferences and meetings and

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Chair Punch!

Having a rough day? With this boxing glove chair, you can let the world know that you’ll be taking anything and everything as “fighting words”. It actually looks oddly comfortable… all those bubbly padded gloves could really do wonders for

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Leather Luxury

Got a call from a certain very snazzy hotel yesterday… They told me they were looking for something elegant, with “old world style”. I gave them quite a few options to look at, but I kind of hope they go

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Raven Chair

It’s a gloomy day here at the seatingzone offices in Providence, RI. We had a teeny bit of sun over July 4th weekend, but other than that it’s been a summer of violent storms broken up by occasional creeping mists.

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Walk/Don’t Walk Chair

Okay, this is too weird not to share. I suppose it’s like those kids you knew in college who decorated their dorm room walls with stolen street signs, or snagged a few traffic cones to strew artfully around the frat

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Candy Colored Chairs!

Someone ordered this adorable chair the other day and I just had to gush about it. The OSP-S111 “student chair” comes in a range of candy-shell colors (see orange and purple as well as the sour-apple green), plus it features

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