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Green your office chair!

The Alphabet of Seating returns… G is for…Green (photo by Marcelo Gutierrez) Your office – and the chairs you sit on – can have an impact on the environment. You know this, but what do you do about it? You

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hag futu task chair

Meet the Hag Futu one-size task chair by Izzy Design. A classic Scandinavian design with a clear purpose from the Hag Design Studio. This Hag Futu chair reclines in both forward and rear tilt positions and allows the user to

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The Growing Chair

Yet another “green” chair to add to the list: The Growing Chair, by Michel Bussein. I love the way artists and designers these days work to incorporate live elements into inanimate objects like chairs. In this one, the “natural element”

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Tree Chair

Well, here’s an offbeat seating option! This tree chair may not be the most portable or flexible (or comfortable) of chairs, but it’s definitely pretty cool. Peter Cook has been working since 1995 to gradually shape growing trees into living

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Get Stumped

Here’s a new twist on “green” furniture — instead of taking natural materials and turning them into usable goods, now we’re making trees out of polyester-fiberglass! Even though these stools are made from man made material, I think looking at

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Hop-a-Long Chair

This chair looks like it’s about to hop right out of the picture! The “froog” chair gives off a definite Kermit-aura, with it’s bright green color and vaguely amphibious styling, but it also manages to look quite elegant and sophisticated.

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Moebius Chair

This sinuous chair looks almost like it’s alive! I can’t imagine it’s the most comfortable chair out there (all those interlocking strips seem like they would be hard on the back), but it is a lovely and original design. And

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Pin Cushion

What is it about cactuses that immediately makes some people think — “hey, that would make a great chair!” Now, to be fair… I think the spines on this one are soft, at least. It’s not the most intuitive design,

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Celebrate Earth Day Sitting Down!

In honor of Earth Day, why not check out a chair that values the health of the environment as much as the health of your spine? Eurotech’s Ergohuman series are best-selling, high-style, ergonomically designed and Earth-friendly, too! The chart below

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Spring Fling

Hey there! Still recovering from my Easter break, but I thought I’d jump back in with these easter-egg-bright colors from the Milan Furniture Fair: Of course, these aren’t on the market yet, but if you like the distinctive shape and

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