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How to (not) enjoy a new chair

Beloved British tv and film star Rowan Atkinson has a few ideas about seating. ┬áHe’s quite economical. He’s also into ergonomic seating (1:22). Do as he says, not as he does. If your task chair starts doing what happens above,

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chair jewelry

The venerable Chair Blog recently wrote up a great Etsy find, this superb little Chair Ring: While I don’t think any other chair jewelry exists that is quite this cool, here’s some other chair jewelry finds from around the web.

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chairs for novelists

As you may or may not know, November is National Novel Writing Month. Some of us crazy enough to say goodbye to our sleep and our sanity for 30 days have gleefully taken up this popular annual challenge of trying

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Executive seating with style

The Alphabet of Seating: D is for…Dignified Yessir, nothing like going from the mail room to the board room in a few easy steps. Maybe you have a new idea for a product – you know, for kids! Well, a

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How to sit

If you google the above phrase, you get a surprising amount of hits: everything from sites on ergonomics to Zazen meditation techniques. But Matt at the Japanese culture blog No-Sword provides an excerpt from a 1930s Japanese etiquette guide designed

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creepy chair!

The Alphabet of Seating: C is for…Creepy I’ve recently discovered Homeqn, or Home Quotient, which is a pretty sweet blog cataloguing excellent and unusual home decor. For starters, they’ve opened me up to the wild world of blood-themed home decor.

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The Alphabet of Seating: B

B is for…Beach Chair Betty, can you take my calls? A seagull just stole my brown bag, so I’ll be at the clam shack down the boardwalk. By the way, wouldn’t mesh be a bit more breathable at the beach?

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Chair Punch!

Having a rough day? With this boxing glove chair, you can let the world know that you’ll be taking anything and everything as “fighting words”. It actually looks oddly comfortable… all those bubbly padded gloves could really do wonders for

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Walk/Don’t Walk Chair

Okay, this is too weird not to share. I suppose it’s like those kids you knew in college who decorated their dorm room walls with stolen street signs, or snagged a few traffic cones to strew artfully around the frat

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Voluptuous Chair

Okay, is it just me, or is there something slightly suggestive about the shape of the UP 5 and UP 6 armchair and ottoman by gaetano pesce? Well, either way, it does look quite welcoming. Via Chair Blog

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