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Walk/Don’t Walk Chair

Okay, this is too weird not to share. I suppose it’s like those kids you knew in college who decorated their dorm room walls with stolen street signs, or snagged a few traffic cones to strew artfully around the frat

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Candy Colored Chairs!

Someone ordered this adorable chair the other day and I just had to gush about it. The OSP-S111 “student chair” comes in a range of candy-shell colors (see orange and purple as well as the sour-apple green), plus it features

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Spring Fling

Hey there! Still recovering from my Easter break, but I thought I’d jump back in with these easter-egg-bright colors from the Milan Furniture Fair: Of course, these aren’t on the market yet, but if you like the distinctive shape and

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Spring Seating

This Now Seating Inertia Side Chair is one of our most popular sellers, especially for people who want an eye-catching look for their offices. The two-tone color design, space-age arms and mesh back add a certain flair, as compared to

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Raising the Bar

It’s been a while since I spotlighted an orange chair… :) This super-stylish bar stool, also available in black and white, has a sleek, epoxy coated seat, a cool retro chrome-plated frame, and it adjusts hydraulically from counter height to

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Day Glo Design

Looking for some color to brighten up your office?  Or maybe you want something cheerful and durable for a kid’s homework desk?  The I – Series Task Chair by New Spec, available in six fun colors, is the perfect accent to

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Appealing Chair

You know I love “orange” chairs, but this one from Varier brings the concept to a whole new level! We started carrying a the Varier Balans kneeling chair a couple of months ago, as I’ve mentioned before here, but it’s

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So even though I’m blogging as usual, I’m actually not sitting behind my desk at Seating Zone Headquarters right now…  I’m in Paris, France, thanks to my bosses generously allowing me to skip town for a couple of weeks.  But

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Green Seating

Would you believe it? The Inkuku chair, by South African artist Ryan Frank, is a crinkly, colorful work of art, not least because it is made entirely out of recyclable plastic bags (the base is recycled aluminum). I love this

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Donut Chair

Here’s a nifty design that would look fabulous in a high-tech, modern office environment or an ultra-hip home interior…  Something about the design of the MDZ-2210 Contemporary Side Chair suggests the rings of Saturn to me, or maybe a futuristic

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