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seating inc. task stools

“What do you have for a really tall desk?” You might be surprised how often we receive that query here at SeatingZone. Folks who work at receptionist centers, counters, or in special workstations are all in need of the same

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Leggy Stools

Haha, I’m still on my stool kick, so to speak! These bar stools are definitely eye-catching, though I’m not sure what message they send. I guess those are some good-humored nuns, though. Stay tuned for more cool stools from Seating

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Get Stumped

Here’s a new twist on “green” furniture — instead of taking natural materials and turning them into usable goods, now we’re making trees out of polyester-fiberglass! Even though these stools are made from man made material, I think looking at

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Furniture Funnies

Not about chairs per se, but as an official “furniture store chick”, this Get Fuzzy totally made me laugh: We do have stools, and we do take phone orders, so… that could be me some day.

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